Becoming Healthier Pt. 1



Over the next few weeks we will be exploring our frustrations with weight loss and getting healthy. Before we begin, let us define our goal to be: become healthy and not just lose weight. If we do this, then years from now, the benefits will help us live a more active, fulfilling life.

So, where do we begin? Let us start with something we ALL have tried: reducing our calorie intake. Our body is made to maintain homeostasis, that is, to maintain itself at a current weight. For example, theoretically we are eating a 2000 calorie diet. Then to maintain our weight, our body is burning 2000 calories. When we decrease our caloric intake to 1500, what happens? We lose some weight, but then weight loss stops after a week or so. The thought is, to lose one pound, we need to decrease our calories by 3500. So, 500 calories a day reduction, for 7 days, should be 1lb of weight loss in 1 week. If we do this for 30 weeks we should loss 30 lbs. However, we know this doesn't work.

Why? Because our metabolism slows down to burn 1500 calories, instead of the previous 2000 calories at the beginning of our journey. Our body wants to maintain homeostasis, so our output of calories will try to maintain our input of calories. Then we all get frustrated and go back to our original diet of 2000 calories and regain the weight we just lost. This is when most folks quit. We are trying our best, but I think the problem is that we are trying the wrong way. I have some theories, but I am curious as to your thoughts as well.

Could it be:

  • Genetics?
  • Age related?
  • Hormones?
  • Type of foods we are eating?
  • Our gut bacteria?

Check back with us and we will continue our journey and see how we can help you reach your goals!