Becoming Healthier Pt. 2

To pick up where we left off, we tried answering the question: Why doesn't reducing caloric intake result in weight loss? Can it be due to genetics, age related, hormones, type of foods we are eating, or our gut bacteria?

The answer is.......... All the above.

Weight loss is not the result of one cause. Many different factors come into play, and that is where losing weight can get frustrating. additionally, those factors can be different for each of us. We all know people who can eat pizza and doughnuts and not gain an ounce.  We also know those who can walk by a doughnut shop and gain 5 pounds!

So, what do we do?

We have to start somewhere. In the last post, we went over the question of whether weight loss is about calories. I don't feel that calories is the main culprit. So, if calories is not the cause, where do we start? From researching and examining different theories, I think insulin is the best place to begin.

Insulin is a hormone that helps control glucose in our body. The more glucose we have, the more insulin is produced. The job of the insulin is to get the glucose out of the bloodstream and into tissues for use. Problems arise when we have too much excess glucose. The insulin has to do something with the extra glucose. Where do you think the glucose goes?

It gets stored as fat!

Think of insulin as a fat storage hormone, however let me digress. The process is more detailed and insulin is much more complicated. I'm just trying to give you an idea of the big picture.

So, if insulin is like a fat storage hormone, then it makes sense to attempt to control the production of insulin. Before we begin to look more in depth at insulin, remember that other factors can also play a part in weight control. Some factors we can control, like what type of foods we eat. Other factors we can't control, like our genetics.

I want to share a personal experience from within my clinic. I'm going to use a patient who gave me permission to tell you her experiences . She has had her ups and downs with weight loss x years. Some weight loss approaches worked and some some didn't . Weight would go up and down. Then, after some convincing, she decided to try some new methods we were practicing here at the clinic, a little over 2 months ago. Since then, she has lost over 40lbs! While I know that each person is different and all results vary, looking at the science behind weight loss and what works for each person is the key to long standing weight loss and more importantly- getting healthy and feeling better.

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Stayed tuned and we will further explore the role of insulin and how we can control it for our benefit.