Becoming Healthier Pt. 3

Insulin is often associated with diabetes. Most know that insulin plays an crucial part in diabetes and its treatment, however the vast majority of people do not realize how early it starts affecting the development of diabetes.

For this conversion, we are talking about type 2 diabetes, not type 1. Type 1 is where your pancreas produces no insulin and treatment is focused on insulin as the only treatment. If this is you, then you have a whole different treatment plan and this post is not for you. Type 2 diabetes typically develops with age and can be associated with a disorder of insulin.

Think of insulin as a fat storage hormone. The more insulin you have on board, the more fat you store. Likewise, the less insulin you have on board, the less fat you store. Anyone can be made to gain weight by injecting insulin. As some of you may know, one adverse affect to insulin treatment is weight gain, even if you are following a recommended diet plan.

At an early age, our bodies can compensate for the excessive sugar that we eat/drink in a variety of ways, one that is common is by producing more insulin. God has made our bodies able to withstand years of dietary abuse- we can compensate our diet choices x years. But, in time, the body can not keep up with the demand and the insulin that we produce gradually quits working as well. Then a few years later, the excessive glucose can not be transported where it needs to go and we officially become diabetic. Then this is usually where we go see our provider and treatment for diabetes begins.

One thing that we don't realize is that when we are in the process of developing diabetes over years, the adverse problems associated with diabetes have already begun. The blood vessel disease that leads to heart attacks, blindness and circulation problems have started. So, when a person is typically diagnosed with diabetes, some damage is already present.

My goal with this post is to get individuals to think about prevention, instead of treating an already established disorder. If you have signs of diabetes, have a family history of diabetes, or may be overweight, then please get yourself checked and start taking steps to prevent diabetes. If you currently have a diagnosis of diabetes, then all is not lost. You can take steps to control your diabetes by following a plan to avoid the increases in insulin foods can cause.

As with any changes one may make, its best to discuss this with your provider first. There may be associated conditions that need to be addressed or changes in meds prior to making any changes.

Everyone is different, and each of our bodies react to foods in different ways. Some of you may be trying and not getting results that you think you should be getting. Don't get down on yourself. You may have to try a different way to get your results.

If you want to feel better, have more energy, and prevent complications, then start today to make the changes you need. We'd love to help you in anyway we can. Call for appointment and see if we can assist you to help treat your diabetes or start the steps to help prevent you from developing diabetes.

God Bless